Our “kick-off” meeting took place on 29 September 2015, 18:00 to 20:00, and was kindly hosted by the European Data Innovation Hub @ AXA (Bosvoorde 23 Boulevard du Souverain, 1170 Brussels).

We had an excellent group of very experienced and motivated participants, and had some very good discussions about our objectives and interests, and possibly topics for future meetups.

For more details, please see the meeting minutes, which can be downloaded from:

Data Innovation for Energy Meetup / Files

Any comments and suggestions are welcome, it is your community !

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This community welcomes anyone interested in using new ICT and data management technologies for more efficient planning, operations, and analytics for the generation, transmission and distribution of energy, including electricity, gas and other energy types, particularly RES (Renewable Energy Sources).

Our activities will include discussions of business cases and related solutions, new technologies (Internet of Things, Streaming Data, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, etc) which can be deployed to more effectively manage finite energy resources.

Training, information (expertise) sharing, and education will be just some of the core objectives of our community.

Members can be IT Managers and Data Management specialists, Policy Makers and Managers, Power Systems Engineers or other Subject Matter Experts, and any others who are interested in learning more and making a difference in this domain. All are welcome !